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PushPad Drums App

The variety is present since you can download thousands of samples for all tastes: Atmosphere, Bass, Beats, Chord, Drum, Fx, Keyboard, Lead, Perc, Synth, or even Vocals! To do this go to the library and click DOWNLOAD soundpacks

The big highlight of the application is the incredible ease with which you can produce your music! Indeed, in the left screen simply find your sound library which contained the 100+ samples. Here you can listen to any sound and choose your favorite!

A simple movement "slide" from left to right with your finger on the touch screen sends your chosen sounds directly into the right screen: one where you call !

So on this screen right, its your table, you're going to manage the creation of your music.

Different modes "trigger" of the sample are available for each sample: P for "Push" where you simply press the sample with your index finger and hold your finger to the sample is triggered, S for "Single" where the sample will start once via a single finger pressure, R for "Repeat" where here the sound starts automatically without any action on your part, and looped to infinity, and finally E for " echo "where this time you can press the sound several times to create an echo effect. You can also use your index easily manage the length of your sample (eg to make it start by early or rather late) and you can mostly spend as much time as you want and refine as many times as you want your sound to create YOUR perfect music.

Several modes of trainings are available for novices! Learning is very fast and you will be able to perfectly master the tool in ten minutes!

So if you want to create your own sounds anytime, anywhere, with ease and fun sound library consisting of over 200 samples and thousands to free download that may result in a creation of infinity, this app is for you!


Download freely DJ Android Drum Pad | Launchpad
Download freely SoundPacks | SoundBanks


Thanks to the application PushPad Electro and PushPad Hero, available freely on Android, you can simply create your own music directly from your smartphone!

Firstly the amount of available sounds: more than 100 samples are included in the application and made available in the library! To start preconfigured tracks and allow you to play well known songs... PushPad Hero was born.

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